Suri and Katie Holmes

The collection of the most beautiful photos of baby Suri and Katie.
The thing you will notice is that they often wear similar clothes, and also very often have similar haircuts... Is it Katie who decides about the clothes, or maybe Suri?

Suri Cruise Clothes

As Kati Holmes says, Suri has a great eye for beautiful clothes. She always wears what she wants, buys what she likes, and it is always her choice.

But not only that, she is also giving clothing advices to her mother. "She’ll really tell me what she thinks", says Katie. "Like today, I’m wearing brown suede pants and she said 'I don’t like your pants'. But then she’ll say 'You’ve got to wear these shoes!' or 'That’s so pretty, mom. Wear that'."
Suri Cruise clothes 01

Suri and Tom Cruise

Suri with father Tom
In many magazines and websites you will see a lot of photos of Suri walking around with mother Katie Holmes, but not many photos of Suri with Tom. But actually he is not so busy as people think, and he will always find some time for his daughter. Suri loves cuddling up to his dad Tom!